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World Leadership Group We are regular people who are working together to achieve dreams that most people have given up on. Each of us have realized that there is something better than a job, which pays us only enough to keep us from quitting -- And each of us have decided to work towards that. (World Leadership Group is the exclusive marketing partner of Global Equity Lending and Global Realty Marketing)
Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing I was an Regional Sales Manager with Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing about two years ago. I have since moved to World Leadership Group where the opportunity is better, the leadership is stronger, and where we can make a bigger impact on consumers.
Winbolic Link A freeware Windows program which creates special folders that serve as links to the contents of another folder. They are functionally similar to "symbolic links" which unix users are familiar with.
Mailias Create disposable e-mail aliases to hide your real e-mail address from potential spammers.
Free Counter An easy way to add a counter to your page. No programming necessary, will work regardless of your server's capabilities, and your counter will look however you want it to!
Pointers Hollow Pointers and Jacketed Hollow Pointers (cursors) for Windows. Check out the readme.
MediaTrak PearlMagik's multimedia search engine, which performed over 7.6 million searches in its lifetime, is now out of commission.
Sites Charitably Hosted by PearlMagik
LaThanh The LaThanh Family homepage.
Mishy Mishy's homepage.
Bay Area Cantonese Opera This webpage is dedicated to promoting and discussing Cantonese Opera in the Bay Area. We also host official homepages for Bay Area Music Clubs and personal homepages for performers.
Sites charitably hosted by PearlMagik in the past
Students Sharing The Students Sharing Coalition's mission is to provide meaningful service and community-learning experiences to students from diverse backgrounds with the goal of developing these students into mature and knowledgeable citizens, who take responsibility for their communities and are committed to social justice. (
SANTANEO Santaneo Consulting provides consulting service to non-profit organizations.
Usova-Platov The Official Usova-Platov Fanclub. Figure skating duo Maya Usova and Evgeny Platov. (
Yagudin The Official Alexei Yagudin Fanclub has been dissolved and the fanclub site has been taken down.
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