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Photos courtesy Laura Ma.

Lum Chee Hung entered the Canton Chinese Opera School in 1991.  There, he was educated daily in Chinese opera arts - vocals, acting, diction, martial arts, and theatrical arts.  Training was extremely strenuous, but he gained a profound respect for Chinese opera and became an exceedingly skilled artist.

Chee Hung  graduated from the Canton Chinese Opera School in 1997, and was hired by the Canton Red Bean Opera Group, which produced opera shows around the world.  There, he specialized in playing aged men.  At only nineteen years old, Chee Hung was the youngest ever to specialize in this area.  He starred in numerous shows, including Meeting on the West River, Siu Ho Chasing a Scholar Under the Moon, The Deportation of So Sam, Ma Fok Long Sells Arrows, Song Gong Kills Yeem Po Sik, Chiur Chak Reports the Good News, etc.

After immigrating to America in 1999, Chee Hung was involved in numerous shows, from the Oakland Asian Cultural Center's annual 2001 show, to the Tri-Valley Classical Cantonese Opera Performance in 2001.  Chee Hung was invited to the Chinese Cantonese Opera Art Performance and Demonstration at Stanford University on May 4, 2001.  The demonstration, produced by Dr. Daphne Lei of Stanford's Drama Department, featured the mot prominent Chinese opera artists from all over the Bay Area. 

In January of 2001, Chee Hung participated in a campaign fundraiser for Leland Yee for State Assemblyman.  Chee Hung performed with  Stacey Fong, Becky Ng, Denise Chan, Tami Chan, Savannah Chen, and Angelina Ng.

--June 2002


Name: Lum Chee Hung, or Anson Lin
Nickname: Anson, Hung Jai, Hung Gou Jai, Gou, Hung Gou Gou, Si Sok
Height: Reaching for 6'
Weight:  Over 100
Age:  23
Opera Facts
    Favorite Skit - Chiur Chak Reports the Good News (Chiur Chak Pao Sing)
    Favorite Song - The current one I'm working on
    Favorite Melody to sing -  All
    Favorite Instrument - Jiang
    Favorite Role - Chiur Chak
    Favorite Move - All
    Least Favorite Move - Doing a favorite move and falling
    Funniest or Stupidest Practice Blooper -  I was practicing fighting with my Sifu, and one moved involved me grabbing his head.  Now, my Sifu is bald!  =O  It was a little too slippery for me to get a good grip!
    Most embarrassing stage moment -   My "strip show" at the OACC 2001 skit Lee Wei Neung
    Favorite Actor/Actress -  Chow Sun Fong
    Role Model -  Chow Sun Fong
    Quote: "I'm boring"




Anson and Wong Chi Ming in Reunion of the Yang Brothers, 2001.
All photos on this page provided courtesy Laura Ma.




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