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Emma has loved Cantonese Opera since she was very young.  In 1995, she started taking lessons from Master Wong Chi Ming.  Emma's first performance was in November, 1995 with the Oakland Asian Cultural Center.  Since then, she has performed in the OACC's annual performances. 

Emma's  natural grace and musicality are evident in her every performance.  Her best performance was last year at the Tri-Valley Classical Cantonese Opera Show, where she played Princess Wong Lan Ying in the skit Cham Ging Tong.

"Chinese opera is fun!  I love the variations of melodies within one song.  Every song has its own story to tell, so every time I sing, I have to use different emotions to express the song."

"It's easier for me to get into character when I'm on stage and in costume.  At that point, I'm not myself anymore.  It's easier for me to become the character."

--April 2002

*NEW* Chinese Page

Name: Emma Fong
Nickname: Big Cloud, Pile of Confusion, Miss Confuse-ious, Big Headed Shrimp, V's honey (not to be confused with HoneyV!)
Height: between 5'2" and 5'5", depending on high heels
Weight:  fluctuates
Age:  gracefully
Opera Facts
    Favorite Skit -Lau Gum Ding  (haha, get it?)
    Favorite Song - Lost count!
    Favorite Melody to sing -  Yee Faan (easy to turn over)
    Least Favorite Melody to sing -  Yee Low (second floor entry...I can only reach the first floor!)
    Favorite Instrument - Percussion
    Favorite Role - Wong Lan Ying (from Cham Ging Tong)
    Favorite Move - Flicking Water Sleeves
    Least Favorite Move - Trembling hands (I can't stop it!)
    Funniest or Stupidest Practice Blooper -  My partner unable to pick me up
    Most embarrassing stage moment -  In Cham Ging Tong, I slit my throat and smiled...because it hurt!
    Favorite Actor/Actress -  Too many; I admire everyone for their unique qualities. 
    Role Model -   Everyone who is trying their best, and anyone who gives it their all.
        "Are you serious?"  
        "I'm tired."  
        "I have a headache."


Check out the show review of the SF CCC's Mother's Day Spectacular!

Be sure to catch Emma's next performance: SF CCC's Chinese Opera Show
May 12, 2002, 12:30-5:00 PM, 3rd floor of Holiday Inn on Kearny and Washington

The show will contain 5 excerpts from popular Cantonese operas and two singing performances.  Emma will be singing.  A professional opera performer, Mr. Ho Siu-Po of the Jarm Gong Opera Troupe, will perform 4 of the 5 opera skits.   Tickets are $30 and $20.  All proceeds from ticket sales and advertisement sponsorships will go to SFCCC, the Cantonese Opera Division.  For more information or to purchase tickets, please contact Emma at EmFoStar@aol.com.

Emma's Performance:  A Song to Hypnotize Chow Long

Emma will sing the role of Siu Kiu, the wife of Chow Yer.  

At that time, China was split up into three countries: East, West, and North.  Chow Yer is the main general of the East side.   The East side had teamed with the West to fight the North.  Chow Yer himself is very smart and talented, but the West side advisor, Hung Ming,  is even more clever than him.  Chow Yer is insanely jealous of Hung Ming.  Before the actual war begins, Chow Yer falls ill because he cannot get over his envy.  His wife, Siu Kiu tries to encourage him to let go of personal issues and focus on his duty to his country.

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