Lead Actress: Laura Ma     Lead Actress: Linda Lee

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Show Synopsis

This opera excerpt depicts a love story between Emperor Guong Shui, and the Royal Concubine, Jun Fei, and is loosely based on the history during the Ching Dynasty.   

During the time of Ching Dynasty, the ruling Empress Dowanger passed down her throne to her son Guong Sui.  Although she relinquished her title as the ruling Empress, she still held power in her court.   

Emperor Guong Shui loved only one person exclusively, and she was the Royal Concubine Jun Fei.  Jun Fei was beautiful, talented in every respect, and intelligent in her political views, and supported the Emperor with his views on modernizing China, which the Empress Dowanger opposed.

Empress Dowanger hated Jun Fei for being the Emperor's favored concubine, and also for being his political supporter and advisor, and she was determined to take revenge by accusing her of impropriety.

Jun Fei was beaten mercilessly, and sentenced to isolation in a prison cell that was made for lower class workers such as maids.  

In this scene, Emperor Guong Shui visits Jun Fei in her prison cell.   He expressed his disbelieve of what the Empress did, shared his empathy, and warms Jun Fei with his words of love. Before he parted, he leaves his royal robe for Jun Fei as a symbol of his love for her.


About the Performers

Pictured above: (R) Linda Lee, and (L) Laura Ma, in an show they did together in 2001.


Role: Jun Fei

Laura was first exposed to Cantonese Opera when she was very young, by her grandmother in HK, where she was an opera fan of Yam Kim Fight and Bak Shu Shing.  

She joined Oakland Red Bean Cantonese Opera in 1997. Besides learning from Sifu Jing Liang, she also studied under Master Wong Chi Ming and Master Lum Siu Fun.

Laura has performed leading roles in three shows. Her first and second performances were in 1997 & 1999 for the Red Bean Opera House Annual Celebration. Her latest and best performance was in 2001 for the Tri-Valley Classical Cantonese Opera Show – a charity show for the Bay Area seniors, where she played a spoiled princess in the skit “Taming of the Royal Princess”.

Besides great performance and singing skills, Laura also has superb organization skills. She was a major organizer for several very successful performances.  

For more information, visit Laura's Homepage.


Role: Emperor Guong Shui

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