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(August 2002) -- Ho Siu Bo began learning Chinese opera at age 14, when he entered the Cham Gong Cantonese Opera School.  He graduated and joined the Cham Gong Cantonese Opera Troupe as a lead actor.  There, he specialized in playing Mun male roles.  Ho Siu Bo starred in many shows, such as Faan Lei and the Western Beauty, Lok Sun, Cheung Saan (The Umbrella), and many more.

In 1998, Ho Siu Bo came to America for the first time, on a one month tour with his opera troupe.  They performed in many major American cities from the East Coast to the West Coast, like Atlantic City, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  This year, Ho Siu Bo came to America on vacation, and plans to stay until his show (SF CCC Mother's Day Spectacular) is over. 

"I got into opera because I liked the costumes, and thought the makeup was cool.  I also loved the loud percussions."


Name: Ho Siu Bo, Paul Ho
Nicknames: Bo Siu (Mr. Bo), Bo Choi (a vegetable), Bo Choi Gao (dumplings made from previously named vegetable)
Age: It's a secret!
Height: 174 cm
Weight: Heavier than an elephant
Favorite Melody: Naam tune
Least Favorite Melody: None in particular
Favorite Move: Flicking Water Sleeves
Least Favorite Move: Tumbling
Favorite Role: Faan Lei ("Rice" Lei)
Favorite Show: Faan Lei and the Western Beauty
Favorite Song: Ming Yert Cheen Lai Chiu Seung See
Funniest or Stupidest Practice Blooper: In 1996, when I was still severely nearsighted.  I threw my spear up in the air and couldn't see where it flew!
Most embarrassing stage moment: When I was 16 years old, doing a lovey-dovey scene for the first time.  My partner stared at me with love in her eyes, and I was so embarrassed, I was shaking and sweating...very stupid.
Role Model: Lum Gaa Sing
Quote: "Siu Jai, yow lai." (Regards, young lady)
Least favorite stage phrase: "I love you."



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