Red Bean Opera 8-chat newsletter for the day (June 19, 2003)

By Laura Ma

1. Lam Tin Gok advertised our show on Gold-Mt Newspaper yesterday. No one has seen it yet but supposed to be a half-page AD with old pictures from his collection. 
2. The radio AD with AM1450 (5 to 6 pm slot) was supposed to start yesterday BUT no one has heard it yet. So, I believe it encountered tech difficulty. Stay tuned for more on this....  Also, David Pang was supposed to announce our AD in his radio slot (AM 1450 from noon to 1 pm) daily. Was anyone available on that slot to listen to it and let us know?? 
3. Linda, Jhing, Laura, Stacey and Erick had their radio interview with Grace Yim on Wednesday. The interview is supposed to be broadcast on next Thursday, June 26 and July 3, AM 1450 from 2:05 pm. Don't miss it! Listen carefully on Stacey & Erick's interview about their skit show. You will enjoy it.
4. Helen spent a few nights (and morning that passed into mid-night) to finalize the theatre rehearsal schedules, program timeline and staff assignment list for the show. She is ready to distribute them to everyone. Thanks for her continued effort on this project!
5. Jhing jair will meet all the key production staff, e.g. Rainbow, Renee, Kheim this coming weekend.
6. Hotel Oakland residents are signing up this week for a complimentary pass (sponsored by Tri-Valley sponsors) of July 5 evening show. Be sure to notify your parent or grand-parent who is resident of this place. 100 tickets will be allotted on this resident and two buses will be hired for the transportation services.  In addition to Hotel Oakland senior homes, TriValley has also sponsored 50 tickets for senior members for the SF Community Youth Center group and Oakland Chinatown church.
7. Oakland Salvation Army members have been signed up last week for a complimentary pass (sponsored by Oakland Princess Bakery) for July 6 afternoon show. I heard about 60+ passes will be distributed.
8. Outstanding tickets as of yesterday. About 200 tix for long play show and 250 remained for skit program. It's about 75 to 80% full now. So, we should be in good shape since we still have 3 more weeks to go!  
9. Our colorful giant posters now are all over the SF and Oakland Chinatown. We will be getting 50 more posters tomorrow so if anyone have more shops or stores willing to put up our poster, please get it from Linda. Also, Stacey and Erick have recently updated the Bay Area Opera website. Check it out and help us to promote more for us!   [Thanks for the plug Auntie Laura!]
10. Helen will be busy in the next week working on photos touch up for all the performers. She will print & decorate these nicely printed photos in front of the theatre. Another BIG effort of hers! 
11. The crew is now ready for final rehearsals @ the theatre with production musicians. So, we hope this show will be a big HOT one in the Bay Area! Wish us luck!
That's all I have so far! If you hear any more 8-chat news about our show, please share with us!



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