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Name: Sandy Ng
Nickname: One Word, Nine Rebuttals; Bucktooth Kid, Bugs Sandy, Sai Lo
Height: Much taller on stage
Weight:  Under
Age:  Minor
Opera Facts
    Favorite Skit - Night Battle with Ma Chiu
    Favorite Song - Too many
    Favorite Melody to sing -  Too many
    Least Favorite Melody to sing -  Anything "faan" (turned over)...but I like to challenge myself!
    Favorite Instrument - Feather Duster
    Favorite Role - Cute Pooooon Ngon
    Favorite Move - Lok Mun Long flying spear
    Least Favorite Move - Headflinging
    Funniest or Stupidest Practice Blooper -  I'm perfect  :D
    Most embarrassing stage moment -   I'm perfect  :D
    Favorite Actor/Actress -  Lum Ga Sing, Yum Geem Fai, Bak Yeen Jai
    Role Model -  Big Bro
    Quote: $!#&^%  (Strike your lung!)


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Sandy and Laura Ma

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