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Veronica has been involved in Cantonese Opera since September of 2000.  Her first performance was with the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, in April 2001.  In her first performance, Veronica played the part of a male general.  She also performed in a campaign fundraiser for Leland Yee for State Assemblyman.  

Blessed with a beautiful voice, Veronica is one of the few who can sing both male and female roles.  In singing, she prefers the female voice; however, in acting, she likes male warrior roles.   "For the stage, I was attracted by the costumes at first.  Then the loud percussions.  I was fascinated.  I really don't know much about the stories at first.  Then I started paying attention to them and realized they were very good.  They usually talk about old traditions: patriotism, love, that kind of thing.  In a way I think my Chinese has improved, as well as my knowledge of Chinese history and Chinese literature!!  Not only is it a hobby, I'm also learning something!"

Veronica is a student of Master Wong Chi Ming.  Her next performance will be on May 12, 2002, with the San Francisco Chinese Culture Center.  In this performance, Veronica will play a female role for the first time.  For more information, please see below.


--April 2002


*NEW* Chinese Page!

Name: Veronica Lew 
Nickname: V, Instant Noodles, Sifu Ding, Dai Lo (big bro), Tung Siu Ping, Kite Ma (godmother)
Height: between 5' and 6'
Weight:  between 100 and 300 lbs
Age:  between 25 and 60 years
Opera Facts
    Favorite Skit -Dai Nuir Faa (The King's "Flower" Daughter)
    Favorite Song - Chiur Gong (General Yang and Princess Lok Cheung)
    Favorite Melody to sing -  Wong Mui
    Favorite Role - General Yang from above song
    Favorite Move - Stabbing Princess Lok Cheung
    Least Favorite Move - Anything that involves slow motion
    Funniest or Stupidest Practice Blooper -  reaching for my feathers/antennae and missing by a mile
    Most embarrassing stage moment -  In Chiur Gong, putting foot up on stool and missing by another mile!  
    Actor/Actress -  Dragon Lee
    Role Model -  Yum Geem Fai
    Quote: "Oh Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh..."


Check out the show review of the SF CCC's Mother's Day Spectacular!

Be sure to catch Veronica's next performance: SF CCC's Chinese Opera Show
May 12, 2002, 12:30-5:00 PM, 3rd floor of Holiday Inn on Kearny and Washington

The show will contain 5 excerpts from popular Cantonese operas and two singing performances.  A professional opera performer, Mr. Ho Siu-Po of the Jarm Gong Opera Troupe, will partner with Veronica and three other performers.   Tickets are $30 and $20.  All proceeds from ticket sales and advertisement sponsorships will go to SFCCC, the Cantonese Opera Division.  For more information or to purchase tickets, please contact Veronica at

Veronica's Skit: Farewell to Ging Ngo at Yick River

Veronica plays the role of Princess Ming Jur, who is seeing her husband, Ging Ngo, off on a dangerous mission.  Ging Ngo, a great warrior, has been appointed to assassinate the king of an opposing country.  Ming Jur knows that she may never see her husband again, or he could return in glory and victory.  She has very mixed emotions: she does not want Ging Ngo to leave, and yet she knows that he must fulfill his duty for his country.

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