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Erick has been involved with Cantonese Opera since 1996, when he was only 13 years old.  Starting out playing small roles, Erick’s skill has greatly improved under the instruction of Master Leung Ching.  As he progressed in Cantonese operatic arts and started to play bigger roles in many Bay Area performances such as “The Lotus Lantern”, “Diy Luy Fah” (The King's "flower" Daughter), “Chee Long Chow”, and “Mok Gwiy Ying Jeew Chun” (Mok Gwiy Ying's Marriage), he began to learn under the instruction of Master Bak Chiu Hung.  Erick focuses his learning mainly towards warrior roles but has also played young scholars as well.  His most recent role was in 2001 where he and Master Bak Chiu Hung performed “Yick Suy Song Ging Ngo” (Farewell to Ging Ngo at Yick River).  Erick has also performed at the Asian Arts Museum in San Francisco and Stanford University in hopes to spread the culture of Cantonese opera to his fellow ABCs (American born Chinese).  

“All my friends think I’m weird,” Erick said, “because when they ask me what I do for fun, I tell them I like to put make up on, stick feathers in my head and dance around. Hahaha.  But seriously, opera has taught me a lot about my culture and it keeps me in shape too…most of the time.”

Erick is currently at UC Riverside studying for his B.A. in Business.  He has been working hard on his studies and Cantonese Opera.  

--April 2002


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Name: Erick Lee
Nickname: Hey You, Sai Lo (call me that and die!), Choy Wah's son
Height: 5'8" with opera shoes  :)
Weight:  Enough to make me *attempt* to work out
Age:  19
Opera Facts
    Favorite Skit -Mo Chung and Sai Moon Hing, Lay Mow Woon Tai Ji (A prince exchanged for a cat)
    Favorite Song - Sup Sow Heung Long (Ten Stitches Dead Pouch)
    Favorite Melody to sing -  None in particular
    Least Favorite Melody to sing -  Most, but not all, siew koks
    Favorite Instrument - Chinese Bamboo Flute
    Favorite Role - Maan Cheung in "Chee Long Chow"
    Favorite Move - Butterfly
    Least Favorite Move - hurts...a LOT
    Funniest/Stupidest Practice Blooper - When Stacey and I have to grab each other's chestbuckle flowers with our teeth!!!
    Most embarrassing stage moment -  It will be when we have to grab each other's chestbuckle flowers!
    Favorite Actor/Actress -  Ding Faan
    Role Model -  Pang Hing Wah
        "Let's try that again." 
        "It's coo."

You can see why this is the my favorite blooper and predicted most embarrassing moment, hahahaha.

Be sure to catch Erick's next performance: Red Bean's 7th Annual Opera Show
July 6, 2003,  1:30 PM at Great Star Theatre in San Francisco

The show will consist of 6 skits, and one singing performance.  Just as it did last year, Erick's feature skit is made up of an all-American-Born-Chinese (ABC) performance: Reunion at West River.  Erick is the lead actor for this skit, starring alongside Stacey Fong.  For more information on West River, visit West River's Website.

General admission tickets are $50, $30, $20 and $10.  For advance ticket reservations, please contact Erick at

Any donations to the Red Bean Cantonese Opera Club in support of this cultural event will be highly appreciated.  Thank you in advance for your support.


Stacey and Erick at Red Bean 2002's Annual Performance
These photos provided by Lum Jun Gong

Stacey and Erick at Red Bean 2002's Annual Performance
This photo provided by Alice Mak





Stacey and Erick at Red Bean 2002's Annual Performance






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