Red Bean 7th Annual Performance

Reunion at West River

Lead Actress: Stacey Fong                                  Lead Actor: Erick Lee
Supporting Cast: Jared Young

An ALL ABC cast!!

6/30/03: Read an interview with Stacey and Erick on the Spotlight section.


Show Synopsis

Background:  Chiu Ying Keung (Erick) is a young warrior.  A few months ago, he had left his young wife and son, and gone to war.  Chiu was fundamental in winning the war, but one of his colleagues, Kwok Song Ngon, betrayed him and tried to murder him.  Chiu fell off a cliff, but miraculously survived.  He was rescued by a local, who also taught him martial arts.  Kwok, meanwhile, took credit for Chiu's work and arranged to have Chiu's father and brother killed.  Chiu's wife, son, and sister were kidnapped, but a court official tried to intervene.  Kwok killed him as well, and in the turmoil, Chiu's wife, sister, and son escaped.  Enraged, Kwok sent assassins after them.

In this feature skit:  The assassin (Jared), is looking for Chiu's wife (Stacey) along West River.  Chiu is hurrying home, not knowing about the ruin that has come to his family.  As he passes by West River, he sees a woman being chased.  He fights off the assassin, but the woman jumps into the river.  Chiu rescues her from the water, and then recognizes her as his own wife.  Chiu shakes his wife awake, and the couple reunites tearfully.

Chiu and his wife both tell each other of the tragedy that has befallen them.  Mad with hate, Chiu rushes to kill the traitor, but his wife begs him not to.  She pleads with him to think into the future, and plan ahead.  
"Don't hold me back just because you love me.  I'm not a man if I don't avenge them," Chiu rages.  
His wife reminds him, "This is not the time to do anything rash, or you could die too, and then what about us?"   
After much tender persuasion, Chiu acquiesces, and they agree to first find Chiu's sister and son.  

"Revenge will soon be ours," swears Chiu.

About the Performers

Stacey and Erick in 2002, Red Bean 6th Anniversary Performance (Lau Gum Ding).

Role: Wong Yert Ngo (Mrs. Chiu)
Age: 22

Stacey graduated from UC Berkeley in 2001 with a B.A. in Psychology and a B.A. in Mass Communications.  She is now pursuing an Masters in Business Administration at the University of San Francisco. 

Stacey has played the piano since she was 5 years old, attending nationwide competitions and recitals.  Stacey also competed in Wushu for two years, and earned many awards in Chinese-American tournaments.  She has been involved in Chinese Opera since 2000, doing small supporting roles for the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, Red Bean Cantonese Opera Group, and Tri-Valley Talent Group.  In January 2001, Stacey performed in the campaign fundraiser for Leland Yee, State Assemblyman candidate.  “I like Chinese opera because it’s musical and artistic.  It can either be dramatic or action-packed.  It’s also a great way for me to learn more about Chinese culture.”

This will be Stacey’s second lead role.  "I definitely feel more pressure this year than I did last year.  We have a very challenging skit, and I hope that we show our improvement as artists and performers.  For sure, I know we'll look pretty because Erick will see to that!"

For more information, please visit Stacey's Homepage.


Role: Chiu Ying Keung
Age: 20

Erick has been involved with Cantonese Opera since 1996, when he was only 13 years old.  Starting out playing small roles, Erick’s skill has greatly improved under the instruction of Master Leung Ching.  As he progressed in Cantonese operatic arts and started to play bigger roles in many Bay Area performances such as “The Lotus Lantern”, “Diy Luy Fah” (The King's "flower" Daughter), “Chee Long Chow”, and “Mok Gwiy Ying Jeew Chun” (Mok Gwiy Ying's Marriage), he began to learn under the instruction of Master Bak Chiu Hung.  Erick focuses his learning mainly towards warrior roles but has also played young scholars as well.  His most recent role was in 2001 where he and Master Bak Chiu Hung performed “Yick Suy Song Ging Ngo” (Farewell to Ging Ngo at Yick River).  Erick has also performed at the Asian Arts Museum in San Fransico and Stanford University in hopes to spread the culture of Cantonese opera to his fellow ABCs (American born Chinese).  

“All my friends think I’m weird,” Erick said, “because when they ask me what I do for fun, I tell them I like to put make up on, stick feathers in my head and dance around. Hahaha.  But seriously, opera has taught me a lot about my culture and it keeps me in shape too…most of the time.”

This is Erick’s second time performing with an all ABC cast.  “It's really hard looking upset for a half hour, I'm usually a very happy person.”  

For more information, please visit Erick's Homepage.

Bloopers Corner  =D

Stacey: Time for me to go on a diet
Erick: Yes it is hehe.

Erick: OOPS!  Sorry Stace, did I drop you?

Erick: STACEY!!!!  SPEAK TO MEEE!!!!!!
Stacey: I'm not speaking to you...

Stacey: Instead, I'm going to slap you!
Erick: Well, at least I know you're ok...

Erick: You know Stace, I think your hair would look really great like this.
Stacey: Well, you ARE the fashion consultant...





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