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Stacey Fong has paved the way for bringing Cantonese Opera into the mainstream culture in the Bay Area.  She has worked to bridge the cultural and generational gap between East and West, old and new. 

Stacey created this website with a vision that the website will serve as an educational and informative venue to introduce an old art form to the modern-day.  

In 2003, Stacey and a group of fellow freelance performers formed the Tri-City Talent Group, which is hosted by Bay Area Cantonese Opera, and of which Stacey is the director.  Its focus is to bring Cantonese Opera and other Chinese art forms to audiences, and making it more accessible to all.  All proceeds from Tri-City Talent Group affiliated performances benefit local charities.

Highlighting her efforts, Stacey was recently featured on KTSF’s Face of the Bay Area.  The program will air in November, 2003. Each month, KTSF honors eight people who proudly represent their ethnic heritage with an online profile and a television spot. 

As an American-Born-Chinese (ABC), Stacey blends traditional art with modern style.  Her unique approach to Chinese Opera has earned community-wide recognition.  Stacey has found her own niche in Chinese Opera, allowing her to thrive off her differences while sharing them with the general public.

“I enjoy the versatility and artistic expression of Chinese Opera.  It combines all forms of theatre, from drama, to comedy to action.  Chinese Opera is also a great way for me to further my knowledge of Chinese culture while improving my Chinese.”

In 2001, Stacey performed in the campaign fundraiser for Leland Yee, State Assemblyman candidate.  Stacey’s starring debut was in 2002 at Red Bean Opera House’s 6th Annual Show.  Since then, Stacey has starred in all of Red Bean’s annual productions, earning critical acclaim from academics, such as Daphne Lei; Chinese media including the Sing Tao Daily, Sing Tao Chinese Radio, and Chinese Times.


--November 2003


Chinese Page


Name: Stacey Fong
Nickname: Stace, Mui, Nuir, Unbeatable Fong of the East, Wei Wei, Joung Joung, Emma's daughter
Height: Like they say, "Good things come in small packages!"  :D
Weight:  Healthy
Age:  22
Opera Facts
    Favorite Skit -Lau Gum Ding
    Favorite Song - Chop Open Wah Mountain to Save Mommy
    Favorite Melody to sing -  I like them all
    Least Favorite Melody to sing -  I don't have a specific problem with any, but I dread any ending note involving "Aaaaaaaaaaaa."
    Favorite Instrument - Percussion
    Favorite Role - Lau Gum Ding
    Favorite Move - Taam Hoi (what I like to call camel spin!), or splits (but I can't get up!)
    Least Favorite Move - Girl's round table
    Funniest or Stupidest Practice Blooper -  
        Erick failing to block my bullhorn fist  :)
        My "magic act" in which I unraveled Erick's Chestbuckle Flower with my teeth!!!!!! 
    Most embarrassing stage moment -  It WILL be when Erick and I have to "reunite" tearfully...we can't hold that tragic face very well.
    Favorite Actor/Actress -  I admire all the pros!
    Role Model -  My Mom, Kite Ma, and all my Aunties.  You can learn something from everyone!
        "Sorry!" (and I say this even when it's not my fault...sorry...that's my nature!)
        "What did you forget *this* time Mum?" (Sorry Mum!)      :D
        "Mum, remember to [insert task]."  (Sorry again, Mum!)   :D

          "Pick me up, please!"                                                My favorite blooper.  ;-)

     Predicted most embarrassing moment.

Stacey's Performance History

October 2003                 Supporting Actress, Baht Wo Wah Guong Sifu Celebration
            The Lotus Lantern


July 2003                      Lead Actress, Red Bean Opera House 7th Annual Performance
            Reunion at West River (Publicity photos available)  
West River's Website


December 2002             Supporting Actress (3 roles), Tammy Tam Concert
            Butterfly Lovers: At First Sight

            Butterfly Lovers: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow
            Butterfly Lovers: The Confession


July 2002                      Lead Actress, Red Bean Opera House 6th Annual Performance
            The Marriage Proposal of Lau Gum Ding (Publicity photos available)
Lau Gum Ding's website


August 2001                  Supporting Actress, Red Bean Opera House 5th Annual Performance
            The King’s “Flower” Daughter


July 2001                      Supporting Actress, Tri-Valley Talent Group Performance
            Chaam Ging Tong


February 2001               Supporting Actress, Asian American Cultural Center (AACC) Annual Performance
General Chiu


May 1995                      Supporting Actress (2 roles), AACC Annual Performance
The Lotus Lantern

Butterfly Lovers


Other Appearances and Credits

KTSF Channel 26 Cantonese Evening News on November 12, 2003.  Likcon Lam interviewed Stacey Fong and Jared Young about their involvement in Chinese Opera, and their goals for promoting and popularizing Chinese Opera to mainstream audiences.

Love and Sacrifice (working title), a documentary on Cantonese Opera.  Produced by Michael Chin and Sarah Chin.

 Can You Hear Me?: The Female Voice and Cantonese Opera in the Bay Area, an essay by Daphne Lei, for which Stacey was interviewed.  Volume 2, Number 1, Summer 2003. S&F Online, Public Sentiments.
Excerpt from page 6 or article:

Stacey Fong, a major participant from the third generation, launched a website for the Bay Area Cantonese Opera artists in 2002. As the daughter of Emma Fong, an important figure from the middle generation, she has been "performing" small parts since childhood, but her more serious involvement started in 2000. Artistic (dance and piano), athletic (martial arts and figure skating), and multi-lingual (in English, Chinese, Spanish and Russian), Miss Fong is now pursuing a graduate degree in Business Administration. She thinks it is highly possible to make Cantonese opera as accessible to non-Chinese as Italian opera is. "The key is in driving Cantonese opera into the proper publicity channels and promoting it in the proper manner to the right audiences." That is the main reason she built the website, to "serve as a connection between the old tradition and the modern day, between the Chinese culture and the American culture." Although she is clearly the most active member of the third generation, she insists that she only does it "for fun and to relieve stress" (Interview, January 27, 2003). Who, then, is in a position to lead Cantonese opera to a brighter future?





Stacey and Erick at Red Bean 2002's Annual Performance
These photos provided by Lum Jun Gong

Stacey and Erick at Red Bean 2002's Annual Performance
This photo provided by Alice Mak

Stacey and Erick at Red Bean 2002's Annual Performance
These photos provided by Denise Chan

Stacey and Erick at Red Bean 2002's Annual Performance
This photo provided by Donald Lee.


Stacey and Erick at Red Bean 2002's Annual Performance
These photos provided by Ben Lee





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