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(June 2002) -- Eugene is an alumni of MIT (Made in Toi-San), and moved to the U.S. when he was very young.  In 1972, he met Veronica, and the rest is history!

Eugene's first (and so far, only) role was playing the Barbarian King in The Reunion of the Yang Brothers (2001), which starred Masters Wong Chi Ming and Lum Chee Hung.  In this supporting role, Eugene had to play the part of a "faa meen" (flower face - open face makeup).  For the first time in his life, Eugene was the "Bad guy."  He is the first and only faa meen in the Bay Area.  

Eugene has potential and a wonderful sense of rhythm, but for now, he's focusing on helping Veronica prepare for her upcoming show in May.  HoneyV always comes second...Eating is first!

"At first, I was dragged into Cantonese Opera as a bodyguard.  Then, I learned to love it because it trained me to sleep under any circumstances, no matter how loud!"



Name: Eugene Lew
Nickname: Kite Yeah (Godfather), Dai Gow (Huge Chunk), Only Shaking No Sleeping, Bay Area's Biiiiig Flowerpot
Height: Above Average
Weight: Out of Range......the sky's the limit!
Age:  Older than Veronica
Opera Facts
    Favorite Skit - Reunion of the Yang Brothers
    Favorite Song - Reuinion of the Yang Brothers
    Favorite Instrument - Flute
    Favorite Role - Barbarian King (Flower Face)
    Favorite Move - Kwan Knife Flowers
    Least Favorite Move - Getting beaten in the fight
    Funniest or Stupidest Practice Blooper -  Too many to count
    Most embarrassing stage moment -  Every time
    Favorite Actor/Actress -  My HoneyV
    Role Model -  My HoneyV
    Quote: "I don't know."






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